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The Woods at Parkside Releases Guide on the Signs of Alcohol Poisoning and What to Do in an Emergency

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

GAHANNA, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Woods at Parkside has released a guide on the signs of alcohol poisoning and what to do in an emergency. People who suffer from alcohol addiction can often drink too much and risk an alcohol overdose.

Alcohol poisoning can sometimes be difficult to identify. The symptoms can often align with actions typically done when one is intoxicated. Some beginning signs can include actions such as slurred speech, poor coordination, trouble balance, etc.

Some later symptoms of alcohol poisoning can include:

· Feeling confused
· Difficulty staying conscious or awake
· Beginning to vomit
· Breathing slowly and irregularly
· Slowing down heartrate
· Clammy skin
· Nonresponsive body (i.e., no gag reflex)
· Lowering body temperature and turning pale

The signs of alcohol poisoning often don’t happen all at once but rather over time, and not all symptoms occur, making it hard to diagnose. A person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) can continue to rise to 40 minutes after they quit drinking. This is when the later symptoms of alcohol poisoning can occur.

If someone’s BAC reaches 0.16 to 0.30%, all effects can become severe. At 0.31 to 0.45% BAC, the condition worsens and can become life-threatening. The person’s age, weight, gender, and metabolism can affect the duration of when the alcohol poisoning symptoms show.

In an emergency, someone should stay by the person’s side and call for emergency services once some signs are prevalent. Emergency services should be contacted right away if someone is displaying some of the following signs.

· Is awake but unresponsive
· Vomits
· Has a seizure
· Breathes irregularly, with at least 10 seconds between breaths.
· Heart rate slows down
· Skin is clammy
· No gag reflex

The Woods at Parkside is a residential detox and recovery facility that can help people with drug addictions in Gahanna, Ohio. The staff includes physicians, nurses, and therapists that work together to create a treatment plan that helps drug-related challenges. If a person or someone they know is struggling with drug addiction, they can visit the Woods at Parkside website to learn more about treatment options.

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