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“THE AMAZING DIET” Announces Home Delivery of AMAZING DIET Prepared Meals Across The USA. Triggers Massive Response



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“THE AMAZING DIET” Announces Home Delivery of AMAZING DIET Prepared Meals Across The USA. Triggers Massive Response!

REDDICK, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — “THE AMAZING DIET” has just announced that it will soon start delivering pre-prepared AMAZING DIET MEALS across the United States. The announcement has triggered an AMAZING response from across the country.

Baron Storm the Founder of “THE AMAZING DIET” and the acknowledged creator of what is now known as the very popular KETO diet said the following:

“The decision to take this step of delivering delicious “AMAZING DIET” meals to customers was made to provide a level of convenience to our clients who have busy schedules, families and limited amounts of time to prepare meals. “THE AMAZING DIET” an AMAZING FOODS INC. is now in the process of selecting recipes from the hundreds of delicious meals that are included in the best selling ‘THE AMAZING DIET” book, packaging them and delivering them to th customer. The boxes come with complete meals for a week that will help you lose weight. Eating these reasonably priced meals saves the customer the time and expense of going to the grocery store. The meals can be sized for one person or for an entire family.”

The company is now working with a number of contract suppliers who can handle the expected production capabilities for the meals. Requests for quotes are now being sent out to these contract manufacturers.

“Because of our bulk ingredient purchasing power we can substantially reduce the cost of shopping for groceries that our customers face. We may even be able to provide shipping for free because of the numbers of packages that we will be sending out. This still has to be negotiated and organized but it looks very positive.” he added.

Baron Storm, the Founder and internationally known author, has been a television celebrity chef for many years with his television shows having been syndicated in over 65 countries around the world every day for over 15 years. At their peak of popularity they were going out to an audience of 170 million people daily.

His very first CTV Network television diet and exercise show in Canada was aired everyday for three years across Canada and the United States and resulted in over one million people writing in to tell how much weight they had lost and how much they enjoyed the show.

This show is credited as being the creation of what is now known as the very popular KETO diet. This was before KETO was even associated with being a diet. At that time it was only known as a medical condition called Ketosis.

This television show was later popularized by the Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution book which sold around 12 million copies. This popular diet later morphed into the Mediterranean diet which in turn morphed into the South Beach Diet which sold 23 million books. This diet morphed into the KETO diet and now finally, has come full circle where Baron Storm has created the absolute best diet in the world, “THE AMAZING DIET”.

While all these diets, including the original CTV Network show created by Baron Storm are very effective and provide a substantial initial weight loss they all have one major problem. They are all basically sugar free. This is the reason that 99% of diets fail. After a few weeks on a diet the brain starts asking “where is my candy? Where is my chocolate? The mind craves for something sweet.

“THE AMAZING DIET” has the answer to this problem. It has the use of an ingredient that replaces sugar. What this means is that “THE AMAZING DIET” can now provide KETO like recipes with all the sweetness that anyone could ever want. Including things like ice cream, candies, chocolate, and not use any sugar!

This helps people stay on the diet for a far longer time and lose weight without any cravings for something sweet!

This is the ONLY sugar replacement product that is all natural, patented and is the ONLY product of its kind to have all three major health authority approvals in place. The FDA, Canada Health and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). It is also approved for use in approximately 40 other countries including India, China, Australia, The UK and many other countries.

“What this accomplishes,” states Baron Storm, “is that. “THE AMAZING DIET” supercharges the KETO diet and takes it up about 20 notches above any other diet currently in the market. I like to personally test the recipes I write about in “THE AMAZING DIET” book and since January 1st of this year I have lost 55 lbs of excess weight as of this date. I feel absolutely great.” He added.

AMAZING FOODS INC. is currently planning to become a public company and has been approached by various companies that are already publicly traded to consider a merger. “We anticipate making a decision with a company before the end of the month of June.” Stated Baron Storm.

Please check out www.theamazingdiet.com and order ‘THE AMAZING DIET” book now.

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