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Surrey Circumcision Services Now Available at Pollock Clinics

Due to the clinic’s highly trained and experienced medical staff, the safe and comfortable procedure is virtually painless for infants.

SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, June 6, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The team at Pollock Clinics is pleased to announce they are now offering Surrey circumcision services to families in the local and surrounding areas.

Pollock Clinics is one of British Columbia’s largest providers of no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy and Surrey circumcision for babies, boys, and men of all ages. The company’s mission is to strive towards upholding the highest international standards of male medical care, while treating patients with compassion, dignity, and respect.

“Our focus on circumcision in a dedicated clinic setting helps us to provide a safe and comfortable circumcision experience for your son and your family,” says Dr. Neil Pollock, founder of the company. “As such, we offer rapid access to circumcision procedures for Surrey families. Appointments are available quickly with no doctor’s referral required.”

Circumcision in Surrey is a simple procedure in which the foreskin that sheathes the head of the penis is removed,” Dr. Pollock continues. “Since foreskin traps bacteria and other infectious agents, its removal may improve genital hygiene and reduce risk of disease over the lifetime of the boy and his future sexual partners. The Pollock Technique™ used by Pollock Clinics is based on the Mogen Technique. This technique is known for its quickness and safety. In conjunction with this method, Pollock Clinics uses extensive pain control modalities, which ensures babies will feel little or no pain at all. The objective of the Pollock Technique™ is to minimize stress on the infant and family via maximum pain control and a quick and simple procedure.”

According to the clinic, the ideal age for infant circumcision is within the first two weeks of birth. However, Pollock Clinics also provides circumcision for males of all ages including older children, adolescents, and adults. The infant circumcision procedure is done in under a minute through a virtually bloodless and virtually painless process with a very low complication rate. Along with long-acting local anaesthetic, a sugar pacifier made up of natural ingredients is also provided for additional comfort, keeping babies happy and reducing their perception of pain throughout the circumcision procedure. At Pollock Clinics, it is not uncommon for babies to sleep right through their circumcision.

“Once the decision to circumcise your son is taken, it is best to go ahead and schedule the circumcision procedure as soon as possible at our Vancouver or New Westminster clinics just within minutes from Surrey,” Dr. Jack Chang states. “Appointments are generally available in just a few days, and circumcision procedures are performed with the clinic’s virtually painless Pollock Technique™, which takes approximately 30 seconds for newborns. Shang Ring circumcision is available for adults who wish to be circumcised as well, often due to phimosis or other medical conditions.”

Pollock Clinics and its affiliates are the only providers of Pollock Technique™ circumcision in Surrey, and in BC.

For more information about Surrey circumcision services, please visit https://www.pollockclinics.com/.

About Pollock Clinics

Together, Pollock Clinics’ doctors, Dr. Neil Pollock and Dr. Jack Chang, have safely performed over 50,000 circumcisions in their Vancouver and New Westminster clinic locations. Their experience and stellar reviews are the reasons why so many Surrey families trust Pollock Clinics. Scientific studies and published medical journal articles highlight the Pollock Technique™ circumcision for its safety, speed, and comfort.

Dr. Jack Chang
Pollock Clinics
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