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Saldo Apps simplifies the way of running micro and small businesses

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Saldo Apps simplifies the way of running micro and small businesses by launching its platforms. Instead of overloading one app with tones of features and tools, the company created an ecosystem that allows using separate apps for solving different problems.

As of now, there are five applications in the Saldo Apps portfolio:

Invoice maker – invoice generation and accounting;
ORTY – all-in-one restaurant management system with online ordering;
Checkpie – in-app group restaurant bill splitting and settling;
Mileage Tracker – mileage tracker for tax deduction purposes;
Receipt Scanner – receipt scanning and expense tracking app.

Saldo Apps team understands how difficult it is to build micro and small businesses, how many resources it takes to study accounting, record keeping, and finance in general; what complex, expensive, and cumbersome solutions the world has to offer for the very businesses that just want to make value. It is a pity to see how many startups shut down due to financial issues every year.

The key to success is simple and minimalistic, as people certainly don’t buy a truck when they need to move a table once. Because after moving that table, they won’t need the truck anymore. The same rule applies to the business sphere – sometimes entrepreneurs have to spend too much time and money on things that they won’t use more than once.
That is why giving businesses products that solve one particular problem but do it most conveniently is indeed a solution to main entrepreneurs’ problems!
Thus, any issues – from creating an invoice to scanning receipts, can be solved using the Saldo Apps ecosystem, consisting of sufficient independent applications. There are already 500 000 business owners all over the world – from the USA to Malaysia, who enjoy running their business, not the numbers, as Saldo Apps gets this part covered.

Apart from web-version, there are cross-platform products that are among the most downloaded apps compared to alternative software, both on Apple Store and Google Play. The company has already reached more than 850 000 downloads. Saldo Apps solutions enter the TOP 5 App Store in their categories. The main advantage is that clients can use the products the way they want because the applications are available on any gadgets and operating system, providing customers with freedom of choice.

Saldo Apps’ products are available worldwide – starting with small businesses and right to solopreneurs who provide services in wholesale&retail, logistics, farming, crafts, construction, beauty, storage, agriculture, and many more. All of them want to get paid fast, conveniently and have their finance in order and in free access at any second. That’s why, as the company is committed to its primary goal – to let SMB owners run their business instead of dealing with numbers, price options for the products are very affordable. To make sure that both – a successful farmer and a novice owner of a small coffee shop can afford to simplify their business management processes.

As of now, Saldo Apps applications help people manage invoice generation and accounting; provide users with an all-in-one restaurant management system with online ordering, restaurant bill splitting and settling, mileage tracker for tax deduction purposes, receipt scanning, and expense tracking options.

For more detailed information, visit Saldo Apps website.

Saldo Apps develops simple mobile-first all-in-one software solutions for SMEs’ sales and accounting automation. That’s why its team understands the needs of micro-business very well. Therefore, they do believe that microservices are the best solution for micro-businesses.

Radomir Novkovich
Saldo Apps
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