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New Book Describes Innovative Vision of Organizations, and How to Drive an Organizational Transformation

book cover: How Organizations Should Work

How Organizations Should Work

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Dean Meyer has a decades-long track record of deep research, fresh thinking, innovation, big ideas and solid advice. … that will help you build a better organization.”

— Don Tapscott, Best Selling Author

DANBURY, CT, USA, June 13, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — As a transformational leader, you want to leave a legacy – an organization that works really great even after you’ve moved on.

Organizational guru N. Dean Meyer’s latest book, How Organizations Should Work, can help. It offers a comprehensive blueprint of an innovative organizational operating model, where the hierarchy houses a network of empowered internal entrepreneurs.

Meyer’s vision, dubbed the “Market Organization,” is compelling. Internal entrepreneurs have clarity of purpose and well-defined accountabilities. Teamwork and cross-boundary processes are crisp, flexible, and agile. Resources are dynamically aligned with strategies. And there are creative opportunities in every job.

The book explores real-world challenges like innovation, digital business, agility, scalability, global synergies, and acquisitions integration. In each of these use cases, the Market Organization excels where traditional organizations struggle.

The book is not without controversy. With piercing logic, Meyer denounces common beliefs like: structure follows strategy, innovation requires skunk-works, and autonomous business units. He challenges the value of conventional teambuilding, process reengineering, and steering committees. In every case, he offers alternatives that make a lot of sense.

Of course, to lead an organizational transformation, you’ll need the mechanics. The book provides solid design principles and participative change processes for organizational structure, dynamic cross-boundary teamwork, non-bureaucratic resource-governance processes, an empowered culture, and entrepreneurial metrics.

How Organizations Should Work is almost too good to be true. Yet it’s believable, and backed by solid research (and a case study). Meyer’s decades of pragmatic experience implementing organizational transformations are quite evident.

This is not a short, “one minute” type of book. But it’s an easy, even fun, read. It’s written in a conversational style — a series of interviews with the leaders of each functional area in a fictitious company that implemented the Market Organization.

The conversations are uncanny. One of Meyer’s characters puts forward a provocative idea that raises a question in your mind. And in the next paragraph, the interviewer asks exactly that question! As you’d expect, answers are forthcoming.
This book will certainly stimulate your thinking. It can help you stretch and refine your vision, and plan a transformation road-map grounded in solid principles and change-management processes.

As Meyer says, stop being a cog in the machine; instead, be the designer of the machine. There’s no doubt that following Meyer’s advice will be a leadership adventure you will never forget.

How Organizations Should Work is available in hard cover, Kindle, and audio on Amazon.

More information: www.HowOrganizationsShouldWork.com
Review copies: [email protected]
Book cover image: https://ndma.com/resource/images/Should_Front_Cover.jpg
Author’s biography: https://ndma.com/resource/ndm26228.htm
Contact the author: https://ndma.com/resource/ndm26711.htm

“Dean Meyer has had an immense influence on my life. This book is yet another masterpiece that teaches us the framework of a high-performing organization. It’s a book every transformational CEO should read.”
Sergio Paiz, CEO, PDC

“Following the eras of hierarchical, matrix, and networked organizations, Meyer provides a welcome new perspective: the Market Organization. It’s a comprehensive, modular business operating model, built on solid organizational principles. This experience-rich book provides a practical blueprint for organizational transformation, necessary to survive in the face of turbulence, complexity, and disruption.”
Peter G. W. Keen, Professor (retired), Stanford, MIT, and Harvard

“This is an extraordinary leadership book that every manager in any company can use. It takes you through every imaginable element of a corporate organization – structure, financial governance, incentives, and more – challenges conventional wisdom, and clearly lays out new ways of thinking. It was a real eye-opening experience for one who has spent his career in traditional organizations. I kept saying, ’Yeah, that is the way organizations should work!’”
Richard Hartnack, Chairman of the Board, Synchrony Financial

“Standing ovation! This book is incredible! Internal entrepreneurship blows away bureaucracy. Teamwork obviates silos. Internal value-chains build alignment so much better than top-down plans and cascading objectives. You don’t need to pick your poison – innovation versus efficiency, empowerment versus control – you can have your cake and eat it too. You won’t believe what’s possible in organizations until you read this ground¬breaking book.”
Fred Dewey, serial startup and turnaround CEO

More endorsement quotes: https://ndma.com/resource/ndm14445.htm#14838

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