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My Mom’s Quilt, A Story of Family Love

My Mother’s Quilt

Toast to Mom

The Author and Cathy at the Italian Festival for the book release

The Author Joe Marullo

After Years of Effort, a Texas Mother’s Quilt is Finally Finished, Completed with a new book by her son to fulfill his mom’s legacy.

My Mother’s Quilt brought a waterfall of memories to me about my own mother. His book is so personal and so full of love it should be read by everyone. Extraordinary Reading”

— Bill Broich

ALTA LOMA, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Joe Marullo, Houston, had never forgotten his monther’s quilt. Many years earlier he had hand-drawn the original artwork that illustrated their life in the early days of Galveston Texas.

New book about how a son was able to fulfill his mom’s dream of leaving her legacy with her quilt.

Joe Marullo explains, “Although I have authored articles about retirement planning, I had never considered a book about the history of my family.
My Mom had a dream to sew a family quilt for the next generation, but unfortunately, she was unable to complete the project. I finished her quilt by telling the story of My Mom’s Quilt to fulfill her dream of leaving a legacy for her family.”

It all began when Mom told me that she wanted to sew a family quilt. She was not an experienced quilter but her taking on a new creative project did not surprise me. She asked me if I would draw pictures of her Tombrella family’s farm life in Alta Loma, TX, and Dad’s Marullo family’s fishing life in Galveston, TX, and of how the two families met and grew together

He worked on the project for 2 years and when it was finished, proud of the results. He designed the quilt to include 9 blocks, standing for major events in my mom and dad’s life. Within these 9 illustrations, sketched over 100 family members as they appeared at different ages of their lives. The major challenge he faced was how to accurately tell his Mom’s life story in illustrations. How could he sketch our family members so they would be recognizable, and yet be simple enough to be transferred to his Mom’s quilting material and sewn into a quilt?

Mom was good at many things, but quilting was new to her. Sewing this quilt with my designs, even though I simplified the sketches, would have been a challenge for even the most experienced quilter. But no matter how she approached it, how hard she tried, none of her efforts worked. She was disappointed.

After this disappointment, he put his sketches away in a closet not to be looked at again. Until recently, he decided to frame and hang his illustrations next to other family pictures in my living room. Most peopleI would have been satisfied with this, but his friend Cathy suggested that he author a book about mom’s quilt and use my illustrations to tell the story. Her inspiration gave him a way I could fulfill Mom’s dream. Today he can say, “Mom your quilt is finished.”

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