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How innovative can software districts impact the yachting industry

Dockendo – Aquator Marine

Dockendo – Aquator Marine

Aquator & Dockendo is making users operate with our dynamic and friendly interface, with innovative features that are a game-changer in the yachting industry.

We want modernize the yacht industry and expand our market with this partnership, making a bridge between our platforms to give a new range of services and possibilities to our current customers”

— Michał Niegowski

WARSAW, MAZOWIECKI, POLAND, June 7, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dockendo is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Aquator Marine to market its services in the yachting industry jointly.

Aquator Marine is a yachting management software that gives accurate and readily available information that is essential to a yacht’s safety. The Aquator Marine’s dynamic user interface is able to monitor the equipment’s status in real-time, encouraging periodic maintenance and reducing the expense of non-productive time.

Owners want on-board services to be on par with or better than those available on land, and a few specialized companies are working hard to match this need. Regardless of how much their owners may love it, yachts have unique hurdles in keeping up with the rapid advancements in technology.

It’s no wonder how fascinated the world is with transitioning to mobile platforms. In recent years, it has become expected and demanded that everything onboard should be operated and handled by apps. Because of the increasing sophistication of “smart yacht” technology, customers and staff alike are looking for a way to easily access and manage all of the yachts’ systems.

In terms of innovation, there are more options than ever before when it comes to gadgets, gizmos, and apps, as well as the most cutting-edge improvements in communication, managing software, and recruitment are now part of the superyacht industry.

It is possible to reduce development time by switching from stage-gate procedures to lean and concurrent efforts. As a result of the seamless connection between Aquator Marine and Dockendo, recruiting and management may operate in perfect sync.

For Dockendo to achieve its goal of dominating the yacht recruiting platforms, this acquisition will help the company attract new consumers and develop more advantages for the industry. Additionally, Dockendo believes that working with an innovative IT company like Aquator Marine would mutually benefit both companies and strengthen their market positions.

Gerben Visser, Founder & CEO of Aquator Marine, said: “This partnership with Dockendo exemplifies to us the opportunities to collaborate and integrate our solutions to further the narrative of digitization in yachting. We strongly believe that with our joint efforts to collaborate on the seamless integration of crew recruitment and crew management, we can highlight how technology can help progress the yachting sector”

Michał Niegowski, Founder of Dockendo, stated: “Our mission is to modernize the yacht industry and, with Aquator Marine on our side as a strategic partner, we will start to combine our expertise and competence to expand our market, making a bridge between our platforms to give a new range of services and possibilities to our current customers .”

Initially, both organizations will give recommendations, bundled solutions, integration, and market knowledge to one other.

About Aquator Marine:

Aquator Marine was founded based on the belief that the power of yacht software is becoming increasingly more essential to yacht management. Accurate, timely, and available information is critical to the safety, operability, and longevity of a yacht. Moreover, in business, we need to make informed decisions. At Aquator, we believe the same principles apply to yacht management and we, therefore, believe there is a better way.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way people manage their yachts in a safer, more cost-effective, and more interactive way. We combined our passions, interests, and expertise in yachting, entrepreneurship, and technology to develop Yacht Software solutions.

For more information about Aquator Marine, visit its website at www.aquatormarine.com.

Media Contact:
Gerben Visser
Founder & Ceo
[email protected]

About Dockendo

Dockendo was founded in Warsaw, Poland by a team passionate about technology, human resources, and yachting. We are changing the recruitment process standards through our native apps for iOS, Android, and web platforms with a simple and intuitive user interface.

Our goal is to make yacht owners and crew agencies more competitive, cost-efficient and place competent leaders with comparable personalities to foster high morale and increase the longevity of employment.

For more information about Dockendo, visit its website at www.dockendo.com.

Media Contact:
Jhon Suarez
Marketing Manager
[email protected]

Jhon Suarez – Marketing Manager
Dockendo Sp. z.o.o
[email protected]
Visit us on social media:

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