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BEST Robotics Embarks on a Global Challenge With a Supply Chain Competition That is Made 2 Order

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“BEST leadership is humbled that Made 2 Order program is led and co-created by our co-founders, Steve Marum and Ted Mahler.” ”

— Paul Lutes, BEST Robotics Board President

PITTSBURGH, PA, UNITED STATES, June 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ —
We are delighted to announce that BEST Robotics is focusing its fall 2022 competition on a global world challenge – improving the supply chain!

BEST is a national nonprofit (skills training academy) proud of its history of delivering free skills training programs through robotics competitions to schools across the country for the last 30 years. As part of its 30th-year celebration, BEST students will become “Makers” – taking on global supply chain challenges using robotics for order fulfillment.

Thousands of school students across the country will have an opportunity to offer innovations to overcome the dire state the supply chain industry and consumers find themselves in. With no immediate solution in sight to global supply chain issues and a threat to our daily lives, we will put the challenge in front of America’s middle and high school students. Also known as the disruptive generation due to their technological savviness, focus on sustainability, and activism, we are asking BEST students to see what solutions they can come up with as they accelerate their creativity skills.

In the context of today’s post-Covid era shortages, labor constraints, limits on storage capacity, and soaring delivery rates, the global supply chain is in crisis. While these supply issues will not disappear in 2022, companies and suppliers are investing in adding capacity and adapting new technology to drive efficiency and lower costs. BEST students will offer us opportunities to look at the supply chain from many unique perspectives and try alternative strategies to improve the supply chain. Students, together with mentors, will create innovation and function as the makers controlling the supply chain. We can’t wait to see what innovations they come up with!

Among the unique features of the 2022 Made 2 Order BEST program are:

• Focusing on order fulfillment solutions

• Using a robot creatively as part of Supply Chain production and innovation.

• Completing multifaceted tasks using a wide range of skills. Students will have the ability to pick the skills to focus on. Because decision-making is a critical skill, we want BEST students to develop this skill as part of the program.

• Creation and expansion of the program – The students create and expand the program. They are the makers – just as they will be in their future

• Opening and advancing the clogged supply chain through innovative production and distribution lines approach. A unique opportunity that most people do not have.

The beauty of the multifaceted program is that there is no one correct solution. Instead, the variety of proposed solutions the teams create to the challenges they encounter becomes the learning experience.

As an organization, BEST Robotics reflects on our origins and thanks the two founders of BEST – Steve Marum and Ted Mahler. Thirty years ago, Steve and Ted were two Texas Instruments (TI) engineers who came up with the idea of BEST, pitched it to the leadership of Texas Instruments, and continue to be instrumental in an organization that has made a difference in the lives of numerous students and mentors.

BEST national partners: MathWorks, Texas Instruments, Toyota USA Foundation, and Tennessee Valley Robotics Foundation are instrumental to students’ success as future leaders.

BEST leadership is humbled that Made 2 Order program is led and co-created by our co-founders, Steve Marum and Ted Mahler.

If you have questions about BEST, please contact Mr. Michael Steiner, the Executive Director, at [email protected]

Paul Lutes, BEST Robotics Inc, Board President

About BEST Robotics
BEST Robotics is a national 501 (c) 3 that delivers a free STEM education program and competition to middle and high school students. The BEST Robotics mission is to make STEM education accessible and inclusive and engage and excite students about engineering, science, and technology, ultimately inspiring them to pursue higher education and career opportunities in these fields.

Founded in 1993, BEST Robotics operates 41 licensed hubs across 14 states, serving approximately 900 schools and 18,000 students annually. Through partnerships with higher education, tech schools, and organizations, BEST Robotics’ hubs manage local delivery of the program with the help of 4,500 volunteers from hundreds of corporate and community supporters.

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